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In-Stock Fabrics

We carry over 500 fabrics and will ship orders of 15 yards or more. Orders normally ship within 1 to 3 business days of order receipt. By May each year we determine which fabrics will comprise our stock line and we commit to carrying inventory on all of these fabrics for a year. As a registered stock customer you will receive an updated list of all of the stock fabrics each year and you can browse on-line to see the fabrics. We also have stock books that contain swatches of all of our stock fabrics. Our stock books are available for $125 (plus shipping and handling) and we provide new stock cards each year for our stock customers who have purchased $5,000 in fabric during the previous year. Our warehouse is located in Moonachie, New Jersey. Orders received by 10 am EST can usually ship out the same day. We can also ship full rolls of many of our fabrics from Los Angeles. Please contact our California office for more details.

Limited Stock Fabrics

We carry hundreds of other specialty fabrics on a more limited-stock basis. These are fabrics that we bring in to test and based on their popularity we may reorder them and/or may add these fabrics to our new stock line for the upcoming season. We feature many of our Limited-Stock fabrics on the website and we send out mailings to our customers on a regular basis with swatches of fabrics that we feel may be suited for their use. Please contact us to speak with a merchandising & sales representative about fabrics that may be well-suited for your business.


Fabric Sourcing and Custom Production

For customers interested in purchasing larger quantities of fabric, we have an extensive library of fabrics that we can reference to create custom designs—ground fabrics and finishes can be modified to suit your needs. We can also source almost any fabric for you if it is made in Asia. Production quantities vary from 500 yards and up, depending on the fabric, weight, and minimum dye or print quantity required. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to visit one of our showroom locations or to get answers to any other questions you may have about our products or services.